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Thread: Electronics dept in bokaro steel city

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    Electronics dept in bokaro steel city

    Industrial Electronics

    The GENERAL MAINT.-ELECT department is a part of Central Electrical Maintenance. It is situated near the Steel gate towards CEZ gate. Its task is to ensure smooth running of electrical equipments of Shops of the plant. And also to avoid costly stoppage and achieving quality product economically. Since in the giant organization where bulk of machinery works simultaneously and the production is flow based, any interruption will directly affect the production of not only particular shop, but of whole plant. There in order to avoid such condition maintenance department provides the necessary help and guidance. # OBJECTIVES :-

    1. To maintain healthiness of electrical equipments. 2. To improve and enhance the functioning of electrical equipment by carrying out capital repair and revamping jobs in major production shops. 3. To repair and improve the availability of Motors, Welding transformers, Control & lighting transformers, Rectifier units, Battery Chargers, Vibro-Feeder and Electro Magnetic Rollers in the plant. 4. To maintain zero accident. # SECTIONS:-

    Since the department is catering to the Electrical Maintenance Requirement of all the major shops.

    The department is organized in to two zones :-

    1. Repair zone : The repair zone group is the group which is directly responsible for the repair of electrical equipments of different shops of the plant like – Coke Oven, BF, Sl. Mill SMS-I & II, HSM, HRCF, CRM, PEB, GM-Mech, CR(M), HM-M,CCS,OG, SP, RMHP etc.
    Repair Zone consists following subsections: -

    1. Testing Section, 2. Dismantling & Assembly Section, 3. Welding Transformer, Battery Charger & Rectifier Section. 4. Motor rewinding section, 5. Control & Lighting Transformer repair section, 6. Vibro-Feeder & EMR assembly repair section.

    2. Services Zone :
    The service group provides necessary assistance to the maintenance group of the maintenance shops to carry out maint./repair of jobs during shop shut-down & capital repairs effectively. The capital repairs are carried out mostly in HSM, Sl. Mill.

    # Rewinding of Induction Motors up to 30 KW.
    # Maint./ Repair of Lighting and Control Transformers of whole plant.
    # Maintenance & Repair of Rectifier Units, Battery Chargers and Stabilizers.
    # Maint./ Repair of Welding Machine, MG Set and Multipoint Welding Machine.
    # Maint./ Repair of EMR Assembly of HRCF & Vibro –Feeder of SP.
    # Maint./ Repair of Roller Table Motors of HSM during regular Shop Shut down and Capital Repair and during Capital repair..
    # Maint./ Repair of Ingot Buggy Trolley Lines of Sl. Mill during regular Shop Shut down and Capital Repair.
    # Fabrication of Resistance Box Panels &Trolley line Brackets for SMS 2.

    1. SLABBING MILL:- Maintenance/Repair of ingot buggy trolley lines/reactors of main drive motors, bus bars during shop shut down & capital repair.
    2. H.S.M. :- Maintenance/Repair of charging & discharging side roughing motors, roller table motors, delay table motors, reactor and bus-bar of finishing main drive motors during shop shut down & capital repairs.
    3. S.M.S.-II :- Fabrication of brackets for Resistance-Box for Hot Metal Cranes. 4. Rewinding of slag car motors of BF, SMS-I & II, Scarfing crane motors of Slabbing Mill specially and other motors up to 22kw of other shops of the plant. 5. Rewinding/ revamping of welding transformers, Rectifiers, Control & lighting Transformers,Stabilizer, Battery Chargers etc. 6. Repair of Electro Magnetic Rollers of HRCF& Vibro-Feeder of Sinter Plant. 7. Repair & maintenance of crane in workshop. # STORE :-
    In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of all tools, tackles other maintenance equipments & consumables materials, the deptt. maintains its own stores. The store is equipped with all the necessary tools and tackles, wires, insulators, welding equipments, cutting equipments, oxygen and acetylene cylinder etc. # Other Activities :- i) Quality Circle ii) Suggestion Scheme ii) Safety Consciousness iii) Training Programme
    Setting up a Holding company of steel was first considered in 1971 for rapid growth of the industrial sector and development of steel. In view of these set up a Holding Company for Steel was approved in Jan 1972. Accordingly the formation of SAIL was approved by the Government of India in Dec 1972. Finally, SAIL was incorporated on 24th Jan 1973 with an authorized capital of Rs. 2000 crores. In 1978 SAIL was restructured as an operating company. SAIL, through its five (5) integrated plants at Bhilai, Bokaro , Burnpur, Durgapur and Rourkela accounts major steel producing company of India . Three (3) special steel plants at Bhadrawati, Durgapur and Salem produce a wide range of Special Steel, Special Steel Alloy and Stainless Steel. MEL, Chandrapur a subsidiary company is one of the largest producers of bulk Ferro Alloys in the country. RMD, R&D, CCSO, CMO, SAILCON, RDCIS, SSO, CET, EMD, GD and MTI are the supporting department play important/ vital role to produce high quality and in reasonable cost materials. -----------------------x----------------------x------------------------x--------------------------x-----------------------------

    It is the fourth integrated steel plant in the public Sector conceived in 1959. Bokaro Steel Plant actually started taking shape in 1965 in collaboration with the Soviet Union. The collaboration agreement was signed on 25th Jan 1965. The design of the plant was envisaged with a capacity of 1.7MT per annum in stage –I and 4 MT per annum in stage-II with provision for further expansion. The construction work started on 6th April 1968. Bokaro steel plant was originally incorporated a limited company on 29th Jan 1964. with the formation of the Steel Authority Of India Limited (SAIL) on 24th Jan 1973, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIL and on 1st May 1978 it was eventually merged with SAIL through the public sector iron & steel companies (Restructuring & Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1978. The plant is hailed as the country’s first Swadeshi steel plant, built with maximum indigenous content in terms of equipment, material and know-how. Its first phase of 1.7MT ingots steel commenced on 2nd October 1972 with the commissioning of the first Blast Furnace and completed on 26th Feb 1978 with the commissioning of the 3rd Blast Furnace. All the envisaged units of 4MT stage have already been commissioned. The plant is designed to produce flat products like Hot Rolled Coils, Hot Rolled Plates, Hot Rolled Sheets, Cold Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Sheets, Tin Mill Black Plates (TMBP) and Galvanized Plain and Corrugated (GP/GC) Sheets. Bokaro has provided a strong Raw Material base for a variety of modern engineering industries including automobile, Pipe & Tube, LPG, cylinder, Barrel and Drum producing industries. To keep pace with the latest trends in steel making, the first phase of modernization was sanctioned on 23rd July 1993 and completed in 1997. Benefits of the modernization have been reaped; Bokaro steel is continuously upgrading its various production facilities to bring improvement productivity and quality. 2nd phase modernization is going on. -----------------------x----------------------x------------------------x--------------------------x-----------------------------


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    Re: Electronics dept in bokaro steel city

    nice job done.....useful for trainees frm BSL Plant...

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