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Thread: Discover for yourself - Go on and find the truth...

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    Discover for yourself - Go on and find the truth...

    Discover for yourself - Go on and find the

    The population of India is 100 crores. But did you
    know that facts....

    19 crores are retired. That leaves 81 crores to do th e

    There are 25 crores in school, which leaves 56 crore
    to do the work.

    Of this there are 22 crores employed by the Central
    Government, leaving 34 crores to do the work.
    (As you know, government employees do not believe in working)

    4 crores are in the Armed Forces, which leaves 30
    crores to do the work.

    Take away from the total the 20 crores people who work for
    State Governments (they also do not work..),
    and that leaves 10 crores to do the work.

    Total unemployed are 8 crores that leaves 2 crores to
    do the work.

    At any given time there are 1.2 crore people in
    hospitals, leaving 80,00,000 to do the work.

    Now, there are 79,99,998 people in prisons.

    That leaves just two people to do the work.......You
    and me !!!, (since we do not fit in any of the above).

    And currently you're sitting at your computer reading
    mails. So I am the only person in our country who is
    working.!!!!!! And that's why India is still functioning!!!

    So I do not think that you need any more hints to realize
    who is the most important person in India RIGHT NOW!!

    Just imagine, what will happen to India ...
    if the lone working person migrates to US.

    So you better log out and do your job !!
    since I may leave soon,
    and I don't want India to suffer because of that!

    Have a nice working day:

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    Re: Discover for yourself - Go on and find the truth...

    Positive,humorous,motivational and critics,That's what I can say from my knowledge of words.....

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