The use of computer technology has greatly enhanced the medical field. One of the technologies which aid the surgeons to perform even the most complicated surgeries successfully is Virtual Reality.
Main drawback is that surgeon’s attention, the most important parameter which otherwise may lead to dangerous end. So there is a need of technology that reduces the burdens of a surgeon by providing an efficient interaction than Virtual Reality. Now our dream came to reality by means of a technology called as “HAPTIC TECHNOLOGY”.
Haptics is the science of touch. The word derives from the Greek word, haptesthai, which means ‘to touch’.
It is the technology of adding the sensation of touch and feeling to computers. When virtual objects are touched, they seem real and tangible. Haptic permits users to sense (“feel”) and manipulate three-dimensional virtual objects.

HAPTIC DEVICES: Haptic devices (or haptic interfaces) are mechanical devices that mediate communication between the user and the computer.
Phantom and CyberGrasp are some of the examples of Haptic Devices..
Haptic Technology as it finds it wide range of Applications some among them were mentioned below:

1. Surgical simulation & Medical training.
2. Museum display.
3. Scientific Visualization.
4. Military application.
5. painting,sculpting & CAD
6 . Entertainment
We finally conclude that Haptic Technology is the only solution which provides high range of interaction that cannot be provided by BMI or virtual reality. Whatever the technology we can employ, touch access is important till now. But, haptic technology has totally changed this trend. We are sure that this technology will make the future world as a sensible one.