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Thread: How to change password in windows 7 administrator password without original? see it.

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    Information How to change password in windows 7 administrator password without original? see it.

    Bypassing a Windows windows 7 administrator password if you've forgotten it can get a little tricky. Windows windows 7 is designed to be a secure system, so Microsoft doesn't intend for people to be able to bypass the administrator account. However, you've got a few options, if you're willing to spend some time trying them.

    Login from another administrator account, and change the password.
    The easiest solution to bypassing the Windows windows 7 administrator password is to login from another administrator account and simply change the password. If you can login as another administrator, you can go to the Control Panel and User Accounts to change the password. Simply click the account name for which you want to bypass the administrator password, and click "Remove password." You can then delete the password, regardless of whether or not you remember it. If you don't have another administrator account, that's where things get tricky.

    Use a password recovery program or third-party tool.
    If you can't remember the password and need to login anyway, you can try a password recovery program. Password recovery programs work in different ways, depending on which program you use. Some programs edit password files in the system, while others simply attempt to guess the password. Check reviews before you try a password recovery tool, and keep in mind that this can ultimately backfire and lock you out of Windows windows 7 for good. Only use this as a last-resort option.

    Some third-party tools offer other options to bypass the Windows windows 7 administrator password, and these tools can get you access, but they can also ruin your windows 7 install. Make sure you use only reputable tools with good reviews, and verify the tools at independent Web sites before you use them.

    Edit the SAM file.
    Your Windows windows 7 passwords are saved in a special type of file called a SAM file. If you're desperate, you can edit the SAM file to delete your old password and bypass the system that way. Unfortunately, editing the SAM file in this manner can also backfire on you, locking you out of Windows and rendering your system unusable. Editing the SAM file is a short step above reformatting and reinstalling, so use it at your own risk.

    If you want to edit the SAM file, do a Web search for SAM file editors, and find one that provides good documentation. You must first extract the SAM file, and then edit it, so a software tool that gives you good instructions for these steps is invaluable. As always, keep in mind that you could ultimately ruin your Windows install and be forced to reformat and reinstall.

    Reformat and reinstall Windows.
    Finally, if you've tried the other options unsuccessfully and still need to access your computer, you'll have to reformat and reinstall your Windows windows 7 operating system. When you reinstall, don't forget to install all of the Windows windows 7 updates to make sure your system has all the necessary security and stability updates.


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    Re: How to change password in windows 7 administrator password without original? see

    Good one Liked the way you wrote...will definately try it

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    Re: How to change password in windows 7 administrator password without original? see it.

    To change the admin password on Windows 7, you can use another available admin account to change or remove the passwor.

    Another way is to download a Windows password recovery tool, such as Windows Password Unlocker.

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