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Thread: Prakriti 2013:Agri and Food Innovation fest in IIT KHARAGPUR

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    Prakriti 2013:Agri and Food Innovation fest in IIT KHARAGPUR

    PRAKRITI -agri and food innovation fest of IIT Kharagpur cherishes participations from every streets and corner of India. It strives to bring industry and the academia on a common platform for the benefits of both. Prakriti has seen tremendous growth in participation for industry delegates as various colleges across the country.

    Prakriti aims to highlight the versatile sector of agricultural and food technology . Industry exposure to students acts as a valuable addition to the academic expertise. To compliment this Prakriti shares innovations and technologies in the agricultural and food sectors through collaborations with accomplished industries and research organizations by conducting workshops and discussions. Just achieving this is fruitless unless students are pitted against each other in various competitions which bring out the best among them and also help in promoting the ideals for which Prakriti stands for.

    With a new dose of energy and renewed vigour Prakriti ’13 puts a small step towards a giant leap into the future adopting the theme, “Foster sustainability”

    In prakriti we have many events and competitions.


    a) Online video making

    b) Online Quiz

    2.) EVENTS

    a) Symposium

    b) Student Summit

    c) Agripreneurship Summit


    a) Beer game

    b) Manthan

    c) Vantage Point

    d) Wiz-Ad

    e) Kross Fire

    f) Poster Presentation

    If anyone have any query can visit our website:-

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