GE 530 MW Hybrid Power Plant Uses Soar, Wind & Natural Gas

General Electric is one of the most revered names in Engineering. GEís latest technology might help us say goodbye forever to coal power and help save the planet. The new hybrid plant, soon to be commissioned in Turkey uses Natural Gas, Solar power and Wind energy to produce 530 MW of power. This hybrid plant is first of its kind and is expected to go live by 2015. This type of power plant has been made possible by using the high efficiency and flexible Natural Gas System developed by GE recently. The solar thermal power integration has been made possible by eSolar Ė a California based company. GE has invested in eSolar for quite a long time now.
GE says that the power plant is targeted at countries that use electricity at 50Hz. That means countries like India, China and European Union will find GEís new technology as a catalyst in realizing their green energy dreams. The biggest problem in combining natural gas with solar thermal power is that itís very uneconomical without Governmentís special subsidies. However with GEís technological innovations, the overall cost of the power plant can be brought down without governmentís intervention.
GE New Gas Turbine. Image Credit: General Electric

The plant will utilize an array of specially arranged mirrors to concentrate the sunlight to produce steam which can be fed into the steam turbine at a natural gas combined cycle plant to boost its power output. We believe that GEís innovation is an important milestone in getting rid of the traditional forms of energy conversion. While the solutions available at present arenít really cost-effective, a focused research might help us bring down the costs of green energy production.