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Thread: Its A Girls World, girlzz rule!!

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    Its A Girls World, girlzz rule!!

    If a girl laughs loudly she is cheerful

    bt a Boy laughs loudly he is mannerless!

    if a girl talks sweetly she is charming

    bt if boy does da same he is Flirt!

    if a Girl is going 4 shoping she is Trendy,

    if a boy does shoping he is Wasting Money!

    if a girl is silent she is feeling sad,
    if a Boy is silent he is being Rude!

    if a girls walks in a group itís a group,
    if a Boy walks in a Group itís a Gang!

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    Re: Its A Girls World, girlzz rule!!

    ha ha ha ha ha
    true,,,,,,,,,,,but it happens
    Vrishti Singh

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    Re: Its A Girls World, girlzz rule!!

    Well said,Its a real fact and it is because that at one they pretend that they are very sophisticated and at another end want to be tough like men means they need attention only.

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