How to Start Computer Within 10 Seconds

Many computer users want to boot their computer fast. So today, I tell you how to start your computer in ten seconds.


Click on the Start Menu button which is situated at the left bottom side of computer. A pop up list appear.
Click on “Run” tab
When Run box is open type Regedit and press enter
This command will open Registry Editor
now look for the key
HKEY_LOACAL_MECHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\ContentIndex

Now here find the Key Called “StartupDelay”,
When you search StartupDelay double click on It.
Now where its Base Click Decimal tab.
The Default Value of Decimal is 4800000
Change this Value with 40000
here u go u have done it. now close the Registry Editor and Restart Your Computer
You’ll See The Result.