Utility Bill Payment Collection Center Help Manual Welcome to the Utility Bill Payment Collection Center help manual. The Utility Bill Payment Collection Center is server based project. To get run this project on your browser, first follow the installation guide depicted in the Antrix/Documentation/installation guide folder. After following installation tips, Write the following link in browser. Localhost:9080/bill/home.jsp As you write above link in your browser, the following page will come up. This page is the home page of the “Utility Bill Payment Collection Center”. It consist of the three options to do, Home: This is current page, after clicking on it the same file opens. Member Login: This is the option for System user to login in our system. About Us: It shows all the information of the system including functionalities and future work. After get logged inside the system user has to login with username and password. There are only five system users in the system, Admin External Auditor Center Manager Supervisor Operator Link: localhost:9080/bill/login.jsp When Admin logins in the system, the following page opens in the system, Link: localhost:9080/bill/admin.jsp In the current window the Admin need to select, Home Electricity BSNL Telecom Water Utilities Logout In above case Admin may select any one among three to look into the money transaction of the paid bills of three different departments. If the Electricity is chosen by the Admin the following window will open. Link: localhost:9080/bill/eletrans.jsp The above window shows all the users information including Customer ID, Name, and other necessary information with Amount Paid. The same fashion is followed for the 2.BSNL Telecom and 3. Water Utility Now coming back to the Admin home page, there is second option ‘3.View Log Files (Customer)’ here all the daily report along with the customer’s transaction is appear in the database table. This page starts with the working of External Auditor. The External Auditor, who is govt Officer who will see the Money Transaction and Confirm Transaction. This page describes the functionality of the Center Manager. Here Center Manager will login. The Center Manager has following options to do. Home View Transaction View Log Files (Customer) Add User Add Customer Logout The above first four options are already explained, in the functionalities of the Admin. The new option to ‘4.Add Customer’ allows Center Manager to add new biller in the system database. Here Supervisor starts his working by login. The supervisor has two main functionalities, View Transactional and View Log files Both are already explained in the beginning with the functionalities of Admin. Supervisor has mainly four functionalities which are listed below in the snapshot. it consists of, View Transaction Add Bill View Reports View Log Files of the customer here Add Bill includes adding bill in the database of existing customer in the system. After selecting department, following window appears for Customer ID. here Customer ID is submitted and next window is pop up, here supervisor has filled bill amount and submitted the bill. The other links are already well explained in the early pages. Now last user of the system is Operator. Operator is responsible for the bill payment of the three departments. After login in the system, the operator has to choose either View Transaction or Make Payment. The View transaction is already shown in previous snapshots. After clicking on make payment the following window appear, where operator has to choose any one dept. Once the dept is selected the window will appear wherein operator has to enter customer ID number to select customer information from the database. Once customer ID in submitted in the textbox, the following page opens. The above page shows the amount to pay and detail in short. Here he has to click on paid option. Once Paid is selected, the following window opens where operator will fill the information in the text fields. Biller can pay bills through Cash, DD or Cheque. After submit the following window open to display “biller has paid successfully”. This was the quick review of the project. Please follow all instructions according to the installation guide and this manual.