WAVE ENERGY A.CHANDRAKANTH P.ASHOK KUMAR SRI VENKATESWARA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SURYAPET Renewable sources of energy are also becoming more attractive, especially as the prices of traditional sources of energy become more expensive. More effort is being placed on developing these technologies and to tap into more natural renewable energy sources especially for electrical power generation. Waves are created by the gravitational action of sun and the moon and also by the interaction of wind with the surface of the sea. Wave power is practically inexhaustible and classified as a renewable energy source. Wave energy can be extracted and converted into electricity by wave power machines. Initially air flowing over the sea exerts a tangential stress on the water surface, resulting in the formation and growth of waves. Turbulent air flow close to the water surface creates rapidly varying shear stresses and pressure fluctuations. Where these oscillations are in phase with existing waves, further wave development occurs. A viable offshoot of wind energy is wave energy. Waves occurring in ocean water can contain considerable power. For example a ~ 2m high ocean wave with a period of ~10sec has an energy flux of between 50 to 70 kW per metre of width.