Hello all. I am nanda kishore. My gate score in Computer Science is 421, and rank is 6682, and i am from SC Category.

According to last year statistics, i can get admission into NIT Nagpur-CSE, Surat-CSE, Durgapur-CSE,Rourkela-Information Security, S/w Engineering, Kurukshethra-CSE etc

There is a chance of getting into NIT Jaipur-CSE, Allahabad-CSE,Information Security(IS), S/W engineering, Rourkela-CSE also..

1)So, what is the order of preference among these: NIT Jaipur CSE Vs Nit Allahabad IS Vs Nit Allahabad S/w Eng. Vs NIT Warangal IS Vs Nit Rourkela CSE

2) and Among these: NIT Rourklea IS vs NIT nagpur CSE ??

3)M.tech Information Security in Good NIT Vs M.tech CSE in next best NIT ??
Ex: M.tech IS in Allahabad Vs M.tech CSE in Jaipur or Rourkela.which is best option?
also,what is the scope of Information security?, and is it good to prefer Information Security over Software Engineering?

Thanking You,
nanda kishore