Hey guyz, i have an important query regarding B.tech scoring. I'm a B.tech graduate from MDU Rohtak.
As per my University track record, usually the average Percentage of all students are pretty low as compared to South Indian Universities, and that too mainly cos of difference in scoring system of most of the South Indian Universities.
The Southern Universities have SGPA scoring, which is based on a scale of 10... And, i have many students getting 10 out of 10, even majority of the students get above 7.5 SGPA..
But, in many of the North Indian universities(like mine) have total marks added and then percentage is calculated. And, that comes out to be much low.. Even a 75% is pretty hard to achieve under this system. and majority of students get Around 60%

Thats, a huge drawback for us.. Cos all the Recruitment company's would compare all the students(North and South) on a common scale..And, we having the low scores are given the low priority as compared to students in Universities following SGPA system..

Don't you think its an injustice to North Indian Universities graduates who have the same amount of knowledge as compared to southern universities counterparts but lag behind them due to high SGPA scoring??