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Thread: XML. 4 ebooks sets....

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    Rar 32 XML. 4 ebooks sets....

    hey guys here is the link for set of 4 ebooks on XML.... hope you loke it.. enjoy...

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    Re: XML. 4 ebooks sets....

    Thread moved to the Recycle Bin.


    1. It contains external file sharing website link.
    2. Copyrighted ebooks not allowed.

    You might be banned in the future for creating such threads. Please take care while posting.


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    Re: XML. 4 ebooks sets....

    hey admin... den hw 2 share ebooks ?? it was uploaded 2 file sharing network by me nly....

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    Re: XML. 4 ebooks sets....

    you need not use file sharing websites or hotlink images in posts. you can upload files, images, content directly to the website.
    use the "attachment" functionality.

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