A neuron is an information-processing unit which is fundamental to the operation of a neural network. The model of a neuron, which kinds the basis for planning neural networks. Here we find three basic aspects of the neuronal model:-

1. A set of synapses and connecting links, all of which is characterized by a weight or strength of its own. Particularly, a sign Xj a t the input of synapse j connected to neuron k is multiplied by the synaptic weight wkj" It is very important to make a note of the manner in which the subscripts of the synap tic weight wkj usually are written. The first subscript describes the neuron in ques tion as well as the second subscrip t refers to the input end of the synapse to which the weight refers. Unlike a synapse in the brain, the synaptic weight of an artificial neuron may lie in a range that includes negative as well as positive values.