The above Daniell cell might be suitably represented in a compact form as Zn(s)| Zn2 (C1) || Cu2 (C2) | Cu(s).....................(1)

Here, the vertical line denotes a boundary line separating two phases. The double top to bottom lines indicate a salt bridge. On whether side of the salt bridge are a pair of half cells, or electrodes. On the left hand side (L), oxidation (O) occurs. This electrode is referred to as the anode (A) and it is the negative (N) terminal. A simple way to remember this arrangement is to remember the word “LOAN” (left, oxidation, anode, negative). Automatically this implies that at the other electrode on the right (R), reduction (R) occurs; the electrode is called the cathode (C) and it is the positive terminal(P), (RRCP)