The technological development has given rise to such a significant increase of the integration density that it is causing more and more parts of a complete system to be included inside the main core, constituted by a single chip. This chip has been traditionally referred to as Integrated Circuit, but new terms like Integrated System or System on Chip (SoC) have become popular because they better express the fact that the chip can contain not only a part of the system but the whole system itself.

Now a days different type of FPGAs are available at the market which are intended to be used for different applications based on the user choice. Among them the Xilinx SPARTAN -3 FPGA was chosen. The Spartan-3 FPGA family has many devices among them Spartan -3 MXS3FK-5M is selected as it was matched and correlated to application requirement.Spartan-3 FPGA includes Micro Blaze Processor integrated in same FPGA fabric.