The Curragh North coal mine is situated 200 km west of Rockhampton in central Queensland, Australia. Wesfarmers Limited won the right to develop the coal deposit and contracted PB to design the mine’s civil infrastructure.

The advancement concept for the mine is an open-cut mine making up to 7 Mt/a of run-of-mine (ROM) coal over a 25-year mine life. The coal will be transported from the Curragh North Mine along a transportation corridor to the existing Curragh Mine for processing and rail load-out. The mine site is located on an alluvial floodplain of the Mackenzie River where the catchment area is almost 50,000 km2. The natural floodplain in the vicinity of the mine site is subject to relatively infrequent flooding during events in excess of the 1 in 10-year average recurrence interval (ARI) event. The mine site is protected from flood ingress by a 22-km-long perimeter levee, designed to provide the dual functions of external flood protection and management/containment of internal site water. The topographic constraints, the mine layout and the dual function of the levee combine to effectively provide a water storage facility located within an area subject to flooding.