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Thread: Wireless Mobile Banking

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    Pdf 32 Wireless Mobile Banking

    This system is used to Read the data from User mobile using GSM
    Communication. These systems can be used in all banking and customer care areas.
    Through this system we can access the data using mobile from PC using sms
    communication. This system involves in Reading the Data from PC and send the data
    to User mobile Using sms. From the user mobile all the details regarding banking will
    be sent through sms to the bank mobile, from bank mobile the sms is sent to PC there
    the transaction gets completed and a reply will be sent to the user mobile saying that
    the transaction is completed.

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    Re: Wireless Mobile Banking

    please give me detail idea this this project. mail me ravipratap49[MENTION=1510]ovi[/MENTION]

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    Re: Wireless Mobile Banking

    pls provide some information...asap.

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    Re: Wireless Mobile Banking

    plz send me mobile banking project based on j2me.

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