In today's modern society we have numerous uses for water both around the home as well as in commercial or industrial operations. This water becomes waste-water once it has been "used" - whether for washing dishes in a restaurant, flushing a toilet, or as part of a manufacturing process. Rainfall and runoff from streets and parking lots is also wastewater.Estimating based on industrial area 7.5 to 28 m3/ha-day for non-water using industry. For water using industries (food and beverage processing, manufacturing) without internal recycling, assume that 85-95% of water use will become wastewater. Sanitary wastewater from workers estimated from 30 95 L/capita-day. Pretreatment onsite (including flow equalization) can reduce impact of peak flows, high organic or toxics loading to POTW. Infiltration/Inflow can have a significant impact on wastewater flow Flows into collection systems from extraneous sources: