It had been discovered that the marble is a member of a number of metamorphic pre-Cambrian rocks of the Snake Variety. The strata are uplifted in a broad anticline and strongly incised by canyons emptying into Snake Valley. The exposures are usually in the first canyon south of several warm springs and begin about 5 miles west by southern of Gandy post-office, or 4 miles west of the Nevada-Utah State line.
They extend up the canyon for 2 miles, constituting the greater part of the walls of the main canyon and of several of its branches. The marble member is about 150 feet thick and it is included between metamorphic schists. The underlying schists appear in a low arch near the "camp" in the canyon. They are about 40 feet thick and he upon, white quartzite of which only the top is exposed. The over- lying schists are in turn overlain by Cambrian limestones of dark blue color, which are prominent in the adjoining higher slopes arid ridges. The marble constitutes the walls of the canyon for nearly 2 miles, but it pitches downward at both ends of the exposure.