Name is for Syene (near Aswan), Egypt - Pliny the Elder named granite-like rocks from this area for the locality.Major mineral is feldspar, with greater than 65% alkali feldspar (K-spar or albite) K-spar is typically orthoclase, microcline or perthite - in dikes sanidine may be present The ferromagnesian minerals are usually < 20% Biotite is often present and is usually brown Plagioclase, if present, is generally subhedral and is often zoned (normal or oscillatory) Small amounts of feldspathoids, like nepheline and sodalite, may be present - if more than 5% of these minerals are present, the rock is called nepheline (or sodalite) syenite Accessory minerals: Titanite, apatite, ilmenite, magnetite, zircon, and monzonite.