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Thread: Telephone call to Hell !

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    Favorite 32 Telephone call to Hell !

    Telephone call to Hell !

    [well this was an old one but still it is applicable ]

    In order to develop friendly relationship between the two countries, I.K.Gujral

    and Nawaz Sharif decided to visit each other's country regularly.

    The first visit was by Gujral to Pakistan. There Sharif showed him Pakistan's

    modern telecommunication systems. It was so good that Gujral made a call to Rajiv

    Gandhi in hell and talked to him for 5 minutes ! The bill for the call came to only


    When Gujral came back, he also wanted India's telecommunication systems to

    be at the best when Nawaz Sharif visited India. Suitable arrangements were made.

    Sharif came to India, visited the telecom department and talked to Zia-ul-Haq in

    hell for 5 minutes. But this time, the bill was Rs. 500!

    Sharif asked with a sarcastic smile - "Why are telephone calls to hell so

    costly in India ?"

    A High level diplomat gave a smiling reply - "From Pakistan to hell, it is a

    local call, Sir, while from India it is long distance!".

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    Re: Telephone call to Hell !

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