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Thread: Another guide on "how-to"

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    Doc 32 Another guide on "how-to"

    This one is even more interesting guide to show you :
    how to easily edit your videos at home
    how to make animated gifs from videos
    how to custom modify your wi-fi router
    how to configure a wi-fi router correctly
    how to convert Lps and tapes to CDs
    Make your own enhanced digital photo frame

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    Re: Another guide on "how-to"

    This is a very nice post [MENTION=14112]priyankkumar89[/MENTION]

    But i believe you have posted in the wrong section...

    MODS, please move it to the computer tutorials section...

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    Re: Another guide on "how-to"

    may be wrong section, but right and great post!! you should start a chain of such how to's.........

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