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Thread: Facebook keyboard shortcuts for faster FBing!

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    Favorite 32 Facebook keyboard shortcuts for faster FBing!

    Are you a facebook addict ?? Do you spend a lot of time on facebook ??

    Then you probably might have wasted a lot of time to navigate through facebook pages.

    Do you know facebook gives you an option to waste your time effectively ?? You heard it right!

    You can navigate through facebook using keyboard shortcuts without mouse. Lets cut this crap and see shortcuts shall we

    Your Facebook shortcut key combination depends on your OS and Browser. So Basicly its

    ‘Key Combination’+'Shortcut Key’

    Here’s a list of Key Combinations:

    MAC & Firefox use “Function + CTRL + Shortcut Key”
    MAC & Other use “Option + CTRL + Shortcut Key”
    Windows & Chrome use “ALT + Shortcut Key”
    Windows & Firefox use “ALT + SHIFT + shortcut Key”
    Windows & Internet Explorer use “ALT + Shortcut Key”

    Here’s the list of Shortcut Keys:

    1 - Home Page
    2 - Your profile page
    3 - Friend requests
    4 - Messages tab
    5 - Notifications tab
    6 - Your Account Settings
    7 - Your Privacy Settings
    8 - Go to the Facebook page
    9 - View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement
    0 - Open Facebook help center
    M - Open a new message
    ? - Go to the Facebook Search

    Suppose you are on a mac and using chrome shortcut for notifications is ‘opt+cntrl+5′
    If you are on Windows and using Firefox it’ll be ‘alt+shft+5′, in case of windows and using chrome its ‘alt+5′.

    Have Fun!! Happy Facebooking!!

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    Re: Facebook keyboard shortcuts for faster FBing!

    nice post. from where do you find these all interesting stuff????? have you subscribed to a great mailing group?

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