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Thread: Free Games

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    Favorite 32 Free Games

    Here is a Big list of free games for you all.
    -Anarchy Online (Free until 2007, HARD learning curve)
    -The Legend Of Ares
    -El-Kardien (Free until lvl 50)
    -Eternal Lands
    -Martial Heroes (Similiar to Kal?)
    -Rakion (A bit like Gunz Online)
    -Holy Beast Online
    -Fly For Fun
    -Endless Online
    -Fairyland (like Ragnarok):
    -Adventure Quest (try it, requires Flash 6):
    -Priston Tale (Asian RPG):
    -PlaneShift (very nice graphics):
    -Dark Eden (now doesn't require a Korean ID):
    -Ran Online
    -Faldon (small scale MMO):
    -Dransik Classic (may be free, not sure):
    -Risk Your Life
    -Risk Your Life 2
    -Mu Online (looks like Diablo 2):
    -Build Your Own Net Dream (complicated name for a multiplayer game builder):
    -Fung-Wan (or something, it's Chinese):
    -Runescape (like UO):
    -Conquer (I think its a MMORPG):
    -Space Federation (kind of like Master of Orion):
    -Silkroad Online
    -Rose Online (very cool game): http//
    -Knight Online:
    -DO Online:
    -Kal Online:
    -Monster & Me:
    -Rubies of Eventide:
    -Thanq Online
    -Warrock (Open Beta, Not sure if it will go p2p)
    -Cube (looks very good, worth a try):
    -Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (basically RTCW, free to play online):
    -America's Army (yeah, the one from the Army):
    -Hidden and Dangerous (I love this game):
    -Marathon (redesign of the original): The data files are available here:
    -Wulfram (tank based shooter, online play):
    -Blackshades (randomly generated love, Linux and OS/X only):
    -Tribes 1 (yes, the full thing):
    -Tribes 2 (again, the full thing):
    -Kkrieger (only 96 KB, and has amazing graphics):
    -Gunz Online ( A mix between RPG+Matrix+Max payne its awesome )

    -Bontago (addictive puzzle game):
    -DROD (check it out):
    -Chromatron (mirror game):
    -Laser Tank (tank puzzle game!):
    -The Timmy's Picross (remake of the classic):
    -MadMaze (old game from Prodigy):
    -Clickomania (remake of old Mac game): (Win/Mac), (Linux)
    -Enigma (addictive puzzle game):

    -Warring Factions (Goon-made, so you know its good):
    -Wazzal (single player space privateering game):
    -Shattered Galaxy (Real-time, a lot like StarCraft):
    -Pirate Wars II (Goon-made):
    -Allegiance (GREAT looking spaceship game):
    -Steel Panthers (turn based WW2 game):
    -Space Merchant (space trading game):
    -Star Kingdoms (similar to Warring Factions):
    -Megamek (BattleTech Board Game):
    -FreeCiv (Civ 2 clone):

    -Warpath (Conquer the universe!):
    Side scroller or Top Down shooter:

    -Tyrian (One of THE best Top Down Shooters!)
    -TUMIKI Fighter (Horizontal)
    -Daimonin ( A isometric mmorpg in beta stages! A MUST TRY! )
    -TerraWorld (Awesome mmorpg with diff classes etc )
    -Soldat (cool online play, very worms-esque):
    -Notrium (single player top-down survival game, like Crimsonland):
    -Crimsonland (top-down shooter, free to play, but you can "register"):
    -FaceWound (Goon-made, so you know its good):
    -GunBound (online play, very addictive):
    -Survival Project (interesting Asian game):
    -rRootage (fly spaceship!):
    -Grand Theft Auto (yes, it's free now):
    -Continuum (multi-player Asteroids!):
    -Warning Forever (I honestly don't know what this game is about):
    -Liero ("some sort of ******* child of SOLDAT and Worms"):
    -Scorched Earth (a lot like the classic Bomb):
    -Hot Persuit (like Spy Hunter):
    -N (ninja platformer):
    -Half-Life: Codename Gordon (the long awaited 2D HL): http://www.pha****
    -Battle Posotion (like Gunbound/Worms but Real-Time):

    -Kings Quest (there are other games here too):
    -NetHack (single player RPG):
    -Angband (similar to NetHack):
    -The Ur-Quan Masters (another space game):
    -Ancient Domains of Mystery (like NetHack):
    -Progress Quest (try it):
    -Beneath a Steel Sky (I remember this game, play it!):
    -Out of Order (in the vein of old school Lucasarts games):
    -The New Adventures of Zak McCracken (or something, fan made remake of old Lucasarts game):
    -Dink Smallwood (like Zelda):
    -Elder Scrolls: Arena (granddaddy of Morrowwind):
    -Graal (Fantasy/old world RPG):

    - 3D Table Tennis
    -Megalomania (text based)
    -Street Fighter Online (Havent had chance to check this out, But it looks awesome!)
    -Mugen (open-source beat-em-up)
    - Shot online (Golf)
    -Tactics Arena (online only tactics game, like Final Fantasy Tactics):
    -Roboforge (Build Robots)
    -Hattrick (manage a soccer team):
    -Stepmania (home version of DDR):
    -Darksigns (hacking game):, then patch with this
    -Button Men (online version of a dice game):
    -Babylon 5: I've Found Her (space sim):
    -Stair/truck Dismount (great time killer, good physics):
    -Orbiter (space flight simulator):
    -Legends (APPARENTLY its some remake of Tribes 1):
    -Noctis (space picture thing game):
    -Pokemon NetBattle (online Pokemon game):
    -Decker (based on the Matrix from Shadowrun):
    -River City Hacky Sack (cool game):
    -Megamek (adaptation of the old Battletech board game):
    -Starships Unlimited (shareware, but fun):
    -One Must Fall 2097 (old but cool fighter):
    -Cybots (online bot game, SA already has a clan going):
    -Silver Knights (3D mech shooter):
    -Tong (Tetris + Pong = Tong):
    -Vantage Master (engrish RPG):
    -O2Jam (DDRish, I guess?)
    -ASDF Hoverboard (MMORPG Racer):
    -Shot Online (Online Golf Game):
    -Battle for Wesnoth (Like FFTactics):
    -Torn City ( web based )


    -Game Tunnel (random collection of games):
    -The Underdogs (where old classics go when they don't sell anymore):
    -PopCap Games (mostly puzzle games):
    -Virtual Apple (old Apple 2 games):
    -Megagames (most of which are already posted, but some new ones):

    Steam Delivered

    Alien Swarm: install - storefront
    America's Army 3: install - storefront
    ArmA II Free [2]: install - storefront
    BattleForge [2][4]: install
    Between [2][4]: install - storefront
    Codename Gordon: install
    COIL [2]: install - storefront
    Mightier [2]: install - storefront
    Moonbase Alpha: install - storefront
    Peggle Extreme: install - storefront
    Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die!: install - storefront
    Spacewar: install
    The Cat and the Coup: install - storefront
    TrackMania Nations Forever [1]: install - storefront

    Free 2 Play games / micropayment model:
    APB Reloaded [5]: install - storefront
    Bloodline Champions [5]: install - storefront
    Champions Online: Free for All: install - storefront
    CrimeCraft GangWars: install - storefront
    DC Universe Online [5]: install - storefront
    Dungeons & Dragons Online: install - storefront
    EverQuest II: install - storefront
    Fallen Earth Free2Play: install - storefront
    Global Agenda: Free Agent: install - storefront
    Iron Grip: Marauders: install - storefront
    Magic: The Gathering – Tactics: install - storefront
    Microsoft Flight [5]: install - storefront
    Moon Breakers [5]: install - storefront
    Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance: install - storefront
    PoxNora: install - storefront
    Puzzle Pirates: install - storefront
    Realm of the Mad God: install - storefront
    Rise of Immortals: install - storefront
    Spiral Knights [5]: install - storefront
    Super MNC: install - storefront
    Star Trek Online: install - storefront
    Stronghold Kingdoms: install - storefront
    Team Fortress 2: install - storefront
    The Lord of the Rings Online [5]: install - storefront
    Tribes: Ascend: install - storefront
    World of Battles: Morningstar : install - storefront

    Free 2 Play games for regional players: (aggressive IP block or content access restriction can be applied)
    Alliance of Valiant Arms: install - storefront
    Age of Empires Online: install - storefront
    Atlantica: install - storefront
    Blacklight: Retribution [5]: install - storefront
    Brawl Busters [5]: install - storefront - registration workaround
    Combat Arms: install - storefront
    Dungeon Fighter Online: install - storefront
    Forsaken World: install - storefront
    MicroVolts: install - storefront
    Rusty Hearts [5]: install - storefront
    Vindictus: install - storefront
    War Inc. Battlezone [5]: install - storefront

    Free addons and resources for already purchased games:
    Alan Wake (Latin American Spanish Localization DLC) [3]: checkout
    Bunch of Heroes (Holiday Pack DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Choplifter HD (Zombie Zombie Zombie) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Delve Deeper (Gratis Grottos DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Dungeon Defenders (Capture the Flag Pre-Alpha Pass DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Dungeon Defenders (Development Kit DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Dungeons of Dredmor (You Have To Name The Expansion Pack) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Half-Life (high definition models): install - uninstall - comparison
    Half-Life 2 Russian Pack (Russian localization by Buka): install - uninstall
    Pandora Saga (Beginner's Package and Golden Cloak DLC) [3]: checkout
    RACE 07 (Andy Priaulx Crowne Plaza Raceway DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Railworks 2 (Billionaire Benefactor Scenario DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Railworks 2 (Keeping Up with the Diesels Scenario DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Railworks 2 (Off the Cotswold Line Career System Scenario Pack DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Railworks 2 (Port Road Expansion Pack DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Railworks 2 (UK Buildings Model Pack DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Sanctum (X-Mas Carnage DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Sanctum (Yogscave Free DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Hi-Res Textures) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Wargame: European Escalation (Conquest Free DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront
    Wargame: European Escalation (New Battlefields Free DLC) [3]: install - checkout - storefront

    Steam delivered MODs:
    Age of Chivalry [6]: install - storefront
    D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up [6]: install - storefront
    Darkest Hour (requires Red Orchestra): install - storefront
    Defence Alliance 2 (requires Killing Floor): install - storefront
    Dystopia [6]: install - storefront
    Empires Mod [6]: install - storefront
    Eternal Silence [6]: install - storefront
    INSURGENCY [6]: install - storefront
    Mare Nostrum (requires Red Orchestra): install - storefront
    Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II [6]: install - storefront
    Smashball [6]: install - storefront
    Synergy (requires Half-Life 2): install - storefront
    Zombie Panic! Source [6]: install - storefront

    == notes ==
    [1] mistakenly listed as a demo on storefront
    [2] already included on TrackMania United
    [3] deployed and deprected, but continues working
    [4] mistakenly named as a demo on "My games" list
    [5] does not include Source SDK tool (required to run some MODs)
    [6] offered by Play4Free license / micropayment
    [7] storefront not available worldwide, can be installed without restriction
    [R2] Not available for AUS, CHN, HKG, IND, JPN, KOR, MAC, MYS, PHL, PRK, RUS, TWN, VNM and others

    [Mac/Win] operating system compatibility*

    1. The word "free" doesn't mean cracked, patched or pirated. All are legit.
    2. Lists of free games in different genres gathered from internet from different sources.
    3. Steam free games list is taken from a regularly updated thread on steam forums located here.
    All install links in steam section will only work if you already have Steam installed on your PC.
    Your internet browser can ask for confirmation [Chrome][Firefox][IE] to run these links
    4. Report in comments the games that aren't free anymore, or urls doesnt work.
    5. If you are having problems running old games on your new computer, use DosBox.

    Let me know if you know any others.

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    Re: Free Games

    List updated with new releases.

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