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Thread: Android - For Engg Projects

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    Ppt 32 Android - For Engg Projects

    A short info on Andriod for Project purpose..Hope its helps you..

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    Re: Android

    Can u tell me wat is rooting in android device??
    Wat is its advantage and disadvantage?

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    Re: Android

    Rooting an android device basically gives you all the hidden access (super user) access to the phone's operating system.You may have noticed that you generally cannot uninstall the inbuilt applications provided by the phone.This is because you have an admin access.By rooting,your access level is upgraded and you can perform operations like uninstalling those preinstalled apps and many more.

    other benefits include faster speed,better functionality,etc.

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    Re: Android

    it is very useful ..

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    Re: Android - For Engg Projects

    i m ding ma 2nd yr btechIt.... wanna do a mini project.can anybody suggest me a project!!

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    Re: Android - For Engg Projects

    thnx buddy for ur good work.....

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