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Thread: Network Security Project Report - Summer Training Report

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    Ppt 32 Network Security Project Report - Summer Training Report


    Report Contents--

    1) Introduction to Network Security
    2) Introduction to Networking
    a) What is Network?
    i) The Internet
    b) Types of Network
    i) Local Area Network
    ii) Wide Area Network
    iii) Metropolitan area Network
    3) Network Connectivity and Protocols
    a) TCP/IP: The Language of the Internet
    i) IP
    1) Understanding IP
    2) Attacks against IP
    b) TCP
    i) Guaranteed Packet Delivery
    c) UDP
    i) Lower Over head than TCP
    4) Risk Management: The Game of Security
    a) Firewalls
    i) Types of Firewalls
    1) Application Gateways
    2) Packet Filtering
    3) Hybrid Systems
    ii) So, what’s best for me?
    iii) Single Points of Failure
    5) Network Threats
    a) Sources of threats
    i) Denial-of-Service
    ii) Unauthorized Access
    1) Execution Commands Illicitly
    2) Confidentiality Breaches
    3) Destructive Behavior
    b) Where do they come from?
    c) Lessons Learned
    6) Secure Network Devices
    a) Secure Modems; Dial-Back Systems
    b) Crypto-Capable Routers
    c) Virtual Private Networks
    7) Conclusion
    8) Bibliography

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    Re: Network Security Project Report - Summer Training Report

    its just a ppt . where is report??

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    Re: Network Security Project Report - Summer Training Report

    Did you get the report ? If yes please upload.

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