Delhi Region: 85% of the Authorized Intake

85% seats are reserved for Delhi Region Applicants, i.e. Anyone who has passed the being qualified examination from any kind of school/ Institute located in Delhi or from any specific College/ Institute affiliated to GGSIP University. All these seats is going to be filled up through the merit /rank list of the CET- 2013 prepared for Delhi Region candidates. The candidates who have passed the qualifying examination through Distance/ Open Education system of any recognized University/ Institute and had his/her Study Centres in Delhi would be considered as Delhi Region Candidates but the responsibility to provide proof of his/her study centre in Delhi will be of the candidate himself/herself.

(ii) Outside Delhi Region: 15% of the Authorized Intake
15% seats are reserved for Outside Delhi Region Candidates, i.e. those who have passed the qualifying examination from any school/ Institute located outside Delhi. These seats will be filled up through the merit/rank list of the CET-2013 prepared for Outside Delhi Region Candidates.

Institutions located outside Delhi in NCR: Admissions will be made on All India Basis.

Minority and Non-Minority Self Financing Institutes

i) The candidates desirous to seek admission in all the minority and non-minority self-financing Colleges/ Institutes are required to take up the Common Entrance Test of the relevant academic programme/s.

ii) The procedure for filling up of seats in minority self-financing colleges/institutes shall be announced on the University’s Website (www. alongwith schedule of counselling.

De-reservation of unfilled Outside Delhi Quota Seats to Delhi Quota and Vice versa: Seats reserved for Outside Delhi Category will be converted to Delhi Category and Vice versa during the Open House Counselling (which will only be held if seats are vacant after 2nd round of counselling has been completed in the respective region). It is clarified that no such conversion will be allowed during 1st counselling.

However, final decision regarding seat allocation will be taken by the Government for the academic session 2013-14 and the same will be announced on the University’s Website:


The candidates who have passed degree through Distance/Open Education system of any recognized University/ Institute and fail to provide the proof of his/her study centre either in Delhi or Outside Delhi, will not at all be considered for admission in any region, e.g. Delhi Region or Outside Delhi Region.

The candidate must bring in writing the certificate issued by the concerned University imparting Distance/Open Education stating clearly that the study centre of the candidate is/was in Delhi or Outside Delhi. The I-card or any other document will not be considered as proof of study centre by the Admission Officer.

In case of Self Financing Colleges/Institutes, Sanctioned Intake includes 10% Management Quota seats (as per the CET Code). However, in case of University Schools of Studies, University Maintained Institute and Govt. Institutes there will be no Management Quota.