Monitoring and control system for Generators
i want to develop a monitoring and control system for generators. Small home generator will be used because we have to submit it also to our institute.
1. On/Off control of generator with relay ( as generator will not be self i will use ATS)
2. LCD for monitoring and Alarm for critical situations
3. External tank for fuel. Oil pressure, fuel level. Keypad on the system for controlling oil level.
4. Monitoring the frequency, RPM of generator
5. Monitoring the Rotor temperature, V(RMS) and A(RMS) of Rotor
6. Output power, voltage, current, Power factor
7. Battery voltage of generator
8. Internal and external temperature
9. Microcontroller based project
10. GSM module for wireless connectivity
11. GPS module for location and theft control
please help me in this project, how to make this project ??
which sensors should i use ????
and how to do simulation of this project ??
how to make mathematical models of hardware ??
Thanks in advance