Hello FaDoOs,

After the aptitude paper , there was 2 more rounds 1) Technical Interview 2) HR Interview .so i'm sharing my experience with you. here you can find technical interview and HR interview question papers as attached.


Venue : Delhi

About Company :

Mu Sigma is an analytics services provider. The firm’s name is derived from the statistical terms “Mu (μ)” and “Sigma (σ)” which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation respectively of a probability distribution.
The company is ISO 27001 certified.

Mu Sigma is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with its main delivery center in Bangalore. Mu Sigma provides services to more than 75 fortune 500 clients in several distinct industries.

website : http://www.mu-sigma.com/

for Aptitude placement papers: http:// http://www.faadooengineers.c...ompany-Profile