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I am sharing my experience with you which I learn during the FUTURESOFT placement drive. all placement papers of FUTURESOFT so just learn and practice the placement papers of FUTURESOFT and find out how much important for you.

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2013 as attached


FutureSoft, Inc. has developed a whole new world of applications for the PC, MAC, IOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Barnes & Noble Nook platforms. FutureSoft, Inc. has become a faith-based initiative company with the end goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through software applications. Founded in 1982, with its worldwide headquarters located in Houston, Texas and international headquarters in the United Kingdom continue to be the worldwide leader in Terminal Emulation with its products DynaComm DCS and MultiView. In 2010, FutureSoft, Inc. introduced a new line of smart phone products for IOS, Android, Amazon and Barnes & Noble devices. These include “The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas” App, “The Word of Promise” App, “Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible” App and “Letters to God” App.

Website : www.futuresoft.com

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