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I am sharing my experience with you which I learn during the Global Edge placement drive. all placement papers of Global Edge so just learn and practice the placement papers of Global Edge and find out how much important for you.
You can easily solve Global Edge placement papers like aptitude placement papers and interview placement questions by practicing the previous year papers and get selection in Global Edge easily.

Global Edge all placement papers here you can find : Year

2012 as attached

About Global Edge:

GlobalEdge is an embedded software solutions and services company focused on Wireless, Telecom and IP Networking Technologies. Since inception in 1992, GlobalEdge has been a leader in delivering solutions and services in set top boxes, residential gateways, wireless and multimedia devices to customers world-wide. GlobalEdge’s customers list includes leading Semiconductor vendors, CPE device makers, Consumer Electronics Companies, Communications OEMs.

Website : www.globaledgesoft.com

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