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Thread: Microcntroller based solar charger

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    Microcntroller based solar charger

    the sources of conventional energy deplete day by day, resorting to alternative sources of energy like solar and wind energy has become need of the hour.

    Solar-powered lighting systems are already available in rural as well as urban areas. These include solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, solar streetlights, solar garden lights and solar power packs. All of them consist of four components: solar photovoltaic module, rechargeable battery, solar charge controller and load.

    In the solar-powered lighting system, the solar charge controller plays an important role as the systemísoverall success depends mainly on it. It is considered as an indispensable link between the solar panel, battery and load.

    The microcontroller-based solar charge controller described here has the following features:
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    Re: Microcntroller based solar charger

    for an make project...........

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