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Thread: Script for Linux Newbie and experienced users!!

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    Favorite 32 Script for Linux Newbie and experienced users!!

    [[ JAIHIND Script v0.1.1 updated and released!! ]]

    For all Linux user (Primarily the newbies) here is what you check out the updated JAIHIND Script. More features added into it and through the new contact option you can suggest / request more features that you want to see in the next releases.

    For now works on Ubuntu based distros, Debian and RedHat (or Fedora) based distro support will follow up soon in the next release. Go head, check it out and leave your reviews through the contact option within the script itself!!

    Experienced users, please if you can show something that isn't right, or a better way of implementing things, i would really be glad about it.

    Grab your copy of the script here:


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