We have a requirement for freelance writers with technical knowledge on cloud computing, remote access, basic programming etc. The requirement will be for them to write 250 300 word articles on related topics. If you feel you are suited for this job, please write a 250 - 300 word article on each of the following topics and send it to zzzohrab@gmail.com:

1. How to configure your firewall in C++
2. How to use remote assistance over the internet

The articles should be in simple English and very easy to understand. Feel free to use bulleted points/steps while explaining a process. You can divide the article into subtopics for easier understanding. If applicable, please mention the different procedures based on operating systems, browsers or software etc.

Plagiarised content will not be tolerated. Please make sure the articles do not contain more than two consecutive words from any source.

Please submit the articles as soon as possible.

If you know anyone else who may be interested, please forward their information to me. If they are selected and meet minimum targets, we will pay you for the referral.