Measurement of Transverse Vibrations of Beam by Experimental Work
Static & Dynamic Balancing Measuring Set - Up
Set - Up for Measurement of Critical Speed of Rotating Shaft
Spring Fatigue Testing M/C.
Disc Refiner
Commuter Cycle
Hybrid Vehicle Set - Up
The MCU Based Drilling Machine Block
Lathe Attachment
Four Wheel Drive for BAJA Vehicle
Centrifugal Oil Separator
Torsional Damper Apparatus
Automatic Liquid Filler
Z Turning Vehicle
Design & Mfg. of double Cavity
Injection Mould For EGG TRAY used in Refrigerator
Multi-purpose cutting m/c Effect
Speed Breaker cum Water Pump
Set up for MQL & compare with dry & flouded hard milling M/C
Torsion Appartus
The effect of process parameters on M/C of al M.S. through E.D.M.
Punching & Piercing M/C.
Stationary welding arm
Automated crops cutting machine
Design & manufacturing of press tool die
Automation in tail stock on Lathe machine
Oil missing detection system.
Test rig for determining coeficient of friction
Creation of S.P.M.
Automised pipe cutting machine
Lable printing M/C
Auto oiling system for piston and grinder Assembly.
Punumatic material handiling robot.
Solar operated agricultural spray pump.
Case study of zero detect and glass cutting AIM.
Testing machine for endurance limit for hoses
To Reduce & Evaluate losses in Next Furniture
Push Rod Suspension
Automatic jack & Nut runner driven by Internal Car power
Solar Tracking System
Remote Control operated cleaning Machine
Cotton Seeds Sowing Machine
Seeds Planting Machine
Homogeneous charge C.I. Engine
Agriculture instrument for germcide
Adaptive Driver Friendly System
Teak wood seed Processing Machine
Wheat Straw Pellet Machine
Shot Blasting Machine
Study of PLM
Productivity Enhancement through KK Piller
Implementation of TPM in Endurance
Friction Welding Machine For Aluminium
Two Wheeler Milage Testing Machine
Multipurpose Fitness Cycle
Solar Vehicle
Automatic Differential Locking unit System
Hank Dying Machine
Push rod suspension steering machanism
Drilling Automation
Automatic Cleaning Machine
Fault detection & trouble shooting of Air Refrigaration test rig
Fixture for Cylinder head assembly.
Hydraulic Clamping on VMC machine
Twin Wheel Car
Bench top Hand Plastic injection Molding Machine.
Automatic Inspection, Counting & sorting of Jobs
Automatic seed drill cum harrow
Mini Hydraulic hand operated crane
Gear Pump Test Rig
Design & Development of Die Tool
oscillating water column
Automatic Hand Brake Release
Eccentric Turning attachment on Lathe
Automatic cutting tool temp. control system for turning process on lathe Machine
Vehicle load based Power Generation system
East west oriented solar desalination unit with rain water harvesting
Cone ring traction drive
Fatigue testing machine
Flow through venture meter and orifice meter equipment
Machine for attachment of rivets on clothing pieces
Scheffer cooker
Environmental friendly automatic black board cleaner
Automation of clutch lever & brake lever fitting on bike handle
Multipurpose agriculture vehicle
Paper bowl making machine
Modified design & manufacturing for three wheeler propeller shaft
Borewell rescue robot
Morse test set up
Mechanical recliner
To reduce the no of passes in wire drawing
Intelligent active suspension system for automobile
Fabrication of seg way pt
Coin sorting machine
Stone crusher using diesel engine
Design, manufacturing & study of drill jig & welding fixture
Hydraulic ceasor lift
Advance active solar distillation
Auto clutch for automobile
A wear testing machine
Single cylinder diesel engine with exaust gas erg test rig
Pedal powered degrainer
Overloading control of heavy vehicle
Flywheel based battery charger with solar pannel
Ratching contineous variable transmission
Pedal operated can crusher
Solar stirling generator
Single cylinder diesel engine with rpoe brake dyanamometer test rig
Pedal powered reciprocating pump
Sperical turning lathe attachment
Quadcopter flying squad
Automatic lawn mover
Lpg as a refrigerant in referigeration system
Enegy generation using fluid flow induced vibration utz for measure
Trial on seperating & throtling callorimeter
Inertia wheel popwer generator
Industrial project at abhiman
Implementation of 5s technology in next furniture
Kinetic energy recovery system
Single tool incremental sheet forming machine
Design & mfg of forming die
Hydraulic press with power pack
Air ioniser used in 2- wheeler
Spring loaded automatic material handling equipment
Electro pneumatic fly shear cutting machine