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Thread: Jobs or gate 2014

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    Hey, i need a suggestion. Actually, i am a bit confused and am in need of a proper guidance. Presently, I am a 2012 pass out mechanical engineer and am working in a garment manufacturing company as a Industrial Engineer. I donít see myself going in a right direction with this job. Not to mention that i am not satisfied with the job too. It has been 10 months since i started to work here but still after such long time I do not see the correct future for myself here.
    So, I am planning to resign from this job and prepare for the GATE2014.
    This is where the confusion starts, I am not very sure to get forward with it or not. If I go for GATE then i have only 5 months max available with me to prepare for it. Will that be enough? Since, I have a constant fear, What if i quit my job and couldnít perform well in GATE. One more year will be wasted and after Feb-March i will again be in the same situation with no job and one more long year ahead. So please give me some suggestions. At this moment, I know that I want to prepare hard for that exam and will do that too but as you know the fear cant be overcome so easily. Can i do well if i study hard? Can the job quitting decision serve me well? Will I continue to have this strong determination for the next 5 months or will i falter?
    These are the questions which keep confusing me. Need suggestions.

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    Re: Job or gate 2014

    A few questions first.

    Q1. How are your acads ?

    Q2. Is your work experience relevant ?

    Q3. What are you planning to study ?

    You should have a clear objective on what you area about to do. I'm not a mechanical engineer but like most engineers, there are a certain guidelines that everybody follows. You should be very clear about your decision to further continue your studies. The area which you are interested in and the current market conditions after your finish your masters.

    Based on your profile start shortlisting schools that you are confident of getting into. Preparing GATE is different from preparing for CAT where it is just about aptitude. You will have to be very cautious about time. I would not suggest quitting your job if you have no other option. Use your weekends. This is going to be tough. No distractions. I think you are your best judge so I cannot recommend anything other than I just did.

    On second thoughts though, you can quit your job and crack GATE if you are dedicated enough but be sure to have a backup plan in case you don't get a good rank. My advise would be to first take GATE along with your job to test waters and then the next year quit your job to totally dedicate yourself to GATE.

    I have compiled a few resources for you to check out, they may not be much but still...

    GATE Preparation With Job Or Daily College

    GATE Helpdesk

    All the best, Dude and DO reply once you make a decision
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