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The placement report of MNIT Jaipur is out...here are the details..

Placement Statistics 2010-11

In the academic session 2010-11, 104 organizations visited the institute for the recruitment of B.Tech.
students and selected 444 students with total offers of 659 out of total 360 eligible candidates. In addition to
this 45% of M.Tech./MBA/M.Sc. were selected. The maximum and average packages offered are 9.88 LPA
and 4.44 LPA respectively. Branch wise percentage placement of students in various organizations is
indicated below.

Salient Features of Placement 2010-11

Highest Pay Package - 9.88 LPA (Lacks Per Annum)
Average Pay Package - 4.44 LPA (Overall)
Highest Average Pay Package of a branch - 5.5 LPA (Mechanical Engg.)
Numbers of Companies Visited - 104 (Highest so far)
Number of Students with Multiple Placements- 195 (Highest so far)
Total Overall Percentage Placement out of Eligible Candidates - 99.7 %
PG Placements - 45% (Manifolds in comparison to previous years)

The complete PDF report is attached for more details...