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Thread: How to overcome Procrastination

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    Favorite 32 How to overcome Procrastination

    Most of us at some time in our life have procrastinated or put off a task that needs to be done. As a result of which we miss a deadline and land in trouble. So how does one overcome this problem. There was a research conducted by the Harvard Business Review that suggests that instead of having one final deadline, we break the task into sub-tasks and have deadlines for each of the sub-tasks. This results in multiple deadlines and a better managed task schedule resulting in more timely completion of the task and helps reduce procrastination. Here is a link to the complete article (Curbing the Procrastination Instinct) -

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    Re: How to overcome Procrastination

    Procrastination is the habit of delaying tasks off to the last possible minute.Its a very serious problem in anyone's career and personal life due to which any one can miss opportunities, stress, overwhelm, resentment, and guilt.For overcoming this its very necessary to be clear about the things what you want in life.Take a deep breath and think about the things and then set a goal and start following it.Its very important to get focus on the starting rather than its finishing.Always plan before doing something like plan a whole day that what you will do in the day.If someones facing some decision making problem than its better to take suggestion from others.

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    Re: How to overcome Procrastination

    I agree with bishtmaster........
    Vrishti Singh

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