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    Post: Mechanical Engg. Books
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    Posted by: sandykharb1
    Original Content:
    1. Mechanical Engineering Design J.E. Shigley and Charles, R.Mischke, TMH
    2. Engineering Design G.E. Dieter
    3. Mechanics of Sol ids, Vol. 2 E.J.Hearn
    4. Machine Design Kulkarni, TMH
    5. Handbook of Mechanical Design G.M.Maitra and L.V. Prasad,TMH
    6. Production Technology, R.K.Jain ,Khanna Publishers, 2001
    7. Elements of Workshop Technology, Vol II, Hajra Choudhry,Dhanpat Rai & Sons, 1992.
    8. HMT Production Technology, Tata Mc Graw-Hills Publishing Co. Limited, 1994.
    9. Workshop Technology, Vol - II, Chapman, W.A.J., Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Ltd., 1986.
    10.Internal Combustion Engines, Ganesan Y., Tata McGraw-Hill, 2003.
    11. Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines, Heywood, J.B., McGraw-Hill, 1988.
    12. Thermal Engineering, Ballaney, P.L., Khanna Publishers, 1996.
    13. Theory of Machines - Thomas Bevan
    14. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms- Shigley
    15. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms-Ghosh & Mallik
    16. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms- Rao & Dukkipati
    17. Theory of Machines-S.S. Rattan
    18. Kinematics of Machines-Dr. Sadhu singh
    19. Mechanics of Machines V. Ramamurti
    20. Theory of Machines Khurmi & Gupta
    21. Theory of Machines R. K. Bansal
    22. Theory of Machines V. P. Singh
    23. Theory of Machines Malhotra & Gupta
    24. Higher Engineering Mathematics, GREWAL, B.S., Khanna Publishers.
    25. Engineering Mathematics, Vol. III, KANDASAMY, P. THILAGAVATHY, K. AND GUNAVATHY, K.,Chand and Company.
    26. Engineering Mathematics Vol.III, VENKATARAMAN, M.K., National Publishing Company

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