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Thread: Gre/GMAT Guidance

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    Favorite 32 Gre/GMAT Guidance

    tell me the procedure of GRE/GMAT exam

    mukesh dhakarwal

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    Re: Gre/gmat

    Quote Originally Posted by cooldhakarwal View Post
    tell me the procedure of GRE/GMAT exam
    @cooldhakarwal Please find below links which will resolve your query on procedure for GRE/GMAT.

    A pamphlet for GRE

    GMAT Registration

    GMAT Admission Council

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    Re: Gre/gmat

    thank you........
    mukesh dhakarwal

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    Re: Gre/GMAT Guidance

    Thread moved to the right section...

    [MENTION=20314]cooldhakarwal[/MENTION] - please post in the relevent sections in the future..

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    Re: Gre/GMAT Guidance

    ok i understood
    mukesh dhakarwal

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