A stun baton is effective personal security if you find michael kors shoulder tote these factors Do you want to buy a stun baton for personal security?Then you have to be aware of the factors that you must look for in a baton before you purchase any of them. Finding these factors will mean that you are getting one that will be effective for your personal security.Here are the factors that you want to watch for. 1.Length michael kors uk sale of the baton one of the most important things to think about is whether the baton is long enough to keep an attacker a safe distance away from you when you have to use it to protect yourself. Search for a baton that allow you to be michael kors sale a safe distance from an attacker if you have to use it or you will end up with more trouble than you need. 2.Preventative measures to ensure it is not taken from you when you use a baton, one of the worst things that can happen is for an attacker to get it away from you and turn it against you. That is why it is imperative to locate a baton that has preventative measures for preventing this from happening.Most of the batons will give anyone that grabs it by the tip or a little lower a shocking charge. That will mean that if they try and grab it away from you use the tip of it or lower, they will still get charged from it. 3.Wrist strap this is also important for keeping an attacker from getting the baton away from you.If you have a wrist strap, you can keep it around your wrist, so that if an attacker tries to wrestle it from you, they will have a difficult time getting it between the strap keeping it on you and the preventative measures for this scenario. 4.Right cost this is always a factor you have to pay attention for.You want to be able to protect yourself, but you don't want to go broke to do it.So you always have to know what you can afford and then take some time to search for a cost that fits your budget. These are the factors that you have to keep an eye out for when you are going to purchase a stun baton.If you don't find these things, then keep searching because the right baton for personal security is available for you, even if it takes a little time to find it.Your security is important, so a little time to make sure you stay safe is definitely worth it.