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Thread: Supports Anna Hazare & India Against Corruption!

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    Favorite 32 Supports Anna Hazare & India Against Corruption!

    Anna Hazare Jailed on 16th August. Is this the INDEPENDENCE we celebrated on the 15th??

    He is demanding enactment of a strong anti-corruption law - Jan Lokpal Bill - to ensure swiftness and certainty of punishment to the corrupt.

    Will his movement have any impact on the deaf Government of India?

    Yes, it certainly would. Because, last time when Anna sat on fast -

    6 corrupt ministers in Maharashtra had to resign
    400 corrupt officers were dismissed from job
    2002 - Maharashtra RTI Act was passed
    2006 - Central Government withdrew its proposal to amend Central RTI Act

    Here is all you need to know about Anna Hazare & Jan Lokpal Bill--

    1. Video: Anna Hazare's message to Nation before he got arrested at his residence. It was not violation of any law to stay in your home.

    2. Attached PPT: Jan Lokpal Bill Explained in DETAIL

    3. Attached PPT: Anna's Lokpal Bill compared to Govt Lokpal Bill! is well and truly behind Anna Hazre for the Nations cause...What about you??

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    Re: Supports Anna Hazare & India Against Corruption!

    Weldone Anna finally U got it what U are demanding but the mission is still not over , so carry on I am with u.......

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    Re: Supports Anna Hazare & India Against Corruption!

    i will die for anna if situation comes

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