urgent help needed for the following lab project...

Design a Distributed Database in your lab using two nos. of local machine that
can communicate through socket and message passing. Create a distributed
database of following schema and fragment the database horizontally. Execute a
given query based on the distributed database and show it in the query-invoking
terminal. Use ORACLE/ MY-SQL for database and Java or any suitable
language for implementation of distributed query execution system. Your system
should have GUI support.
Schema: Sailor (sid, name, age, rating)
Create two horizontally fragmented database located in different sites based on
Rating as follows:
Site 1: Sailor.rating > =3 & Sailor.rating <7
Site 2: Sailor.rating>=7 & Sailor.rating <10
Execute the following query in Site 0 (coordinating site, containing GUI):
FROM Sailors S
WHERE S.rating > 5 AND S.rating < 8;

Advice and help would be greatly appreciated.