Dear Students,

I am working on a project to assess the gaps in Indian college education with a view to improving the employability of students, especially those enrolled in Bachelors and Masters degree courses

Education is one of the primary factors that has changed the lives of millions of families who moved from poverty through to stable living. In the last 10 years, the number of colleges has doubled however there has not been an equivalent increase in the quality of education. There are a number of researches that indicate that the use of computer and internet technology in education could significantly improve the quality of education but more input is required to identify the key focus areas or features that can be substantially improved by adopting cutting-edge technology.

This survey is for you to indicate such features that you find missing or needing improvements in the Indian college education system. Your inputs would help to change the future of Indian education system. You can provide your views by filling this survey now:

Thanks for taking time for filling this survey.