this is solapur university syllabus TE mech
1. Toothed Gearing :
Geometry of motion, Gear geometry, Types of gear profile- involute & cycloidal, Theory of
Spur, Helical & Spiral gears, Interference in involute tooth gears and methods for its prevention,
Contact ratio, Path of contact, Efficiency and center distance of spiral gears.
2. Gear Trains :
Types of Gear trains- Simple, Compound, Epicyclic, Reverted gear train, Tabular methodfor
finding the speeds of elements in simple and compound epicyclic gear train, Differential gear
box.Equivalent mass and Moment of Inertia applied to gear trains. (05)
3. Turning Moment diagram and Flywheel:
Function of flywheel and study of turning moment diagrams. Coefficient of fluctuation of speed
energy. Determination of size of the flywheel for various application. Stresses in flywheel rim &
spokes. (04)
4. Gyroscope :
Gyroscopic couple,Spinning and Precessional motion, Gyroscopic couple and its effect on
i) Aero plane ii) Ship iii) Four-Wheeler iv) Two –Wheeler