aBaCUS is a national level technical symposium conducted by Computer Science Engineering Association - College of Engineering, Guindy.

The technical symposium of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Abacus, conducted by CSEA, yearns to be different every year in all possible aspects and this edition is going to be no less. Abacus is back but bigger and better this year with an interesting array of events and workshops that is going to keep you hooked throughout the 3 day technical extravaganza. Are you a computer geek, a fantastic coder, a network freak, an effortless quizzer or a steadfast gamer?

Abacus is calling out to each one of you out there to unleash your skills, compete against some of the best minds from all over India and take away exotic prizes,internship offers at amazon,global scholar,alpha cloud labs,and research intern at anna university!! Itís all about 3 complete days of competing, computing and ultimately conquering, this March. Come, experience the ecstasy!

Date: March 21-23, 2014

1. Raspberry pi
2. IBM Cloud Computing
3. Mordern Web
4. Digital Art

Tech Talk about KINDLE by Amazon
1. Programming
2. Debugging
3. Networks warriors
4. Reverse Coding
5. Coding Hungama
6. Compuwar
7. General Quiz
8. Computech Quiz
9. Paper Presentation
10. Gamindrome
11. Mathzzle
12. Spent Quiz
13. Save Your Hacker
14. DBMania

1. Programming Online
2. Da Vinci Code

1. Amazon Internship and Kindle Internship for Onsite Programming
2. Zoho Internship for CompuWars
3. Infotrellis Internship for DBMania
4. Groupon Internship for Debugging and Coding Hungama
5. Symantec Internship for Reverse Coding
6. Freshdesk Internship for Save Your Hacker

Please visit www.abacus.org.in for more details