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Posted by: Manoj
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Basics of Civil Engineering......

Hi Faadoos........

I thought it would be great if we can share the basic concepts, so that aspiring Engineers would understand better about the things they Study. I searched for such thread couldn't find any, and i found many are interested with their own doubts related to some assignment oriented topics. So i thought such thing may help them to understand better. If am wrong do correct.

Come on Civil Engineers, start Knowledge Transfer, don't be selfish.

Note: Do share basic concepts, methods, thumb rules etc. in brief, so that the person
making use wouldn't feel bored.

NOTE: Am just gonna share bits and pieces of information i have, and i cant put any specific values because it depends on the code you follow (Global forum,So i cant be specific), am gonna be more general than specific.

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Every Civil engineer would know what is stirrup, use of stirrup is to handle the shear force and to hold the re-bars in position. But how it counteracts ????

In the above picture u can see a beam and truss, the vertical member in truss is similar to stirrup in beam and compression member in truss is similar to concrete between the stirrups. you are aware that concrete is good at compression and steel is good at tension, thus the combination of both counters the shear force.