Electrical Drives LECTURE NOTES by Amlan

Module-I(12 Hours) Study of Motor Drives: Electrical Drives, Advantages of Electrical Drives, Electrical Motors, Power Modulators, Choice of electrical Drives, Fundamentals of Torque Equations, Speed Torque Conventions and Multi-quadrant Operation, Equivalent Values of Drive Parameters, Components of Load Torques, Nature and Classification of Load Torques, Calculation of Time and Energy Loss in Transient Operations, Steady State Stability, Load Equalization, Control of Electrical Drives, Thermal Model of Motor for Heating and Cooling, Classes of Motor Duty, Determination of Motor Rating.Book-1:Ch. 1.1, Ch. 1.2, Ch. 1.3, Ch. 1.4; Ch. 2.1, Ch. 2.2, Ch. 2.3, Ch. 2.4, Ch. 2.5, Ch. 2.6, Ch. 2.7, Ch. 2.8; Ch. 3.3, Ch. 4.1; Ch. 4.2, Ch. 4.3.