Registration Number Format

Registration number format for GATE 2014 is two alphabet paper code followed by nine digits e.g., AG600101001.Out of the nine digits, fifth and sixth digits put together indicate the Session Number in which a candidate's examination is scheduled. For example, if the Registration Number is ME601005112, then the fifth and sixth digits put together, i.e., 05 indicates that the candidate's examination is scheduled in Session 05. From the Session number and with the help of the table given below, a candidate can find the date and time at which her/his examination is scheduled. Thus from the table given below, examination scheduled in Session 05 takes place in the forenoon of 16th February 2014.
01 2nd February 2014 Forenoon
02 2nd February 2014 Afternoon
03 15th February 2014 Forenoon
04 15th February 2014 Afternoon
05 16th February 2014 Forenoon
06 16th February 2014 Afternoon
07 1st March 2014 Afternoon
08 2nd March 2014 Forenoon
09 2nd March 2014 Afternoon